Friday, October 7, 2011

66 pounds down!

As of today I'm at the 66 pounds gone mark after almost 9 months of a paleo/primal lifestyle change. My weight loss stalled most of September,....but then again I was allowing myself foods that were closer to the "naughty" list than the "nice" (meaning too much fruit, dairy, and GF baked goods). To reel myself in, I have found if I fast in the morning and don't eat til lunchtime, and eat my dinner earlier (6pm ish instead of 8 pm ish) , thus shortening my "feeding window" I get back on track and start moving the scale again in the right direction. Right now I am 15 pounds away from my "dream" goal. Dream meaning I never again thought I'd get back to that weight in this lifetime, thanks to Paleo,'s well within my reach. Once I get there (hopefully by my 1 year paleo anniversary) I may reassess and even go lower,.... but I was quite happy at that weight in the past. A fit 150 would make me incredibly happy - and that's where I'm headed!


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