Sunday, June 12, 2011

We are almost at the 5 month mark of beginning our Paleo lifestyle journey - as of this morning, my husband and I have lost a combined 75 lbs and feel better than we ever have in our entire lives. At first getting started seemed complicated - but it got easier everyday and now it's simple. We eat whole fresh food - done. period. the end. Meats, vegetables and some fruit and nuts,..occasional high quality dairy. The bad foods that we use to crave no longer look good. I never feel deprived, I never go to bed hungry and I never count calories. We have WONDERFUL filling dinners and try to get 8 hrs or more of sleep every night. When we started i was given the advice to not workout if I didn't feel like it - that I would want to down the road when my body had found better balance,.... I thought that sounded crazy,..because I couldn't imagine "wanting" to workout or be physical ever,...but it's happened and it feels so great. You hear the old wisdom "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear"  -- I feel that is exactly what has happened to us. We got so down and unhappy and truly ready for change - that it was the exact right time for Paleo to enter our lives. I am thankful everyday.


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  1. Congratulations - you've done a great job!