Thursday, April 21, 2011

Prenatal pesticide exposure tied to lower IQ in children

I think they are going to also eventually find that exposure to some chemical in our food system while in utero is also a contributing factor to autism,......

- PP


  1. I think it's sad that people have to be warned about this. I stayed away from all chemicals when I was pregnant...even if it said it was okay. But on the flip side I aslo understand that we are a world full of crap and people are just used to being around them and think it's ok. Oh, and I'm sure that our crappy food contributes to tons of things. I read one time that processed food contributes to depression.

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  2. I like your blog a lot! I believe we may have somethings in common. And I agree wholeheartedly that the constant exposure from chemicals in mundane, everyday products have an impact on EVERYTHING we do! There are so many "new" diseases, never before experienced in decades and centuries past that I believe is tied to our current lifestyle of chemical consumption and technology uses. Sometimes, Old School is the best way to go!

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  4. Have you read Gut and Psychology Syndrome? The title (and cover!) are alarming, but families are finding a lot of answers and tools for autism there.