Monday, March 7, 2011

Our newest family member came home yesterday - we have been waiting 4 months for her while she was being weaned by the breeder. Her name is Karma and she is a female Solomon Island Eclectus parrot. We already had a male named Mojo, so hopefully after a separated settling in period, Karma and Mojo will be best buds! We even made a fresh batch of our healthy parrot bean, rice, and vegetable mix last night and Mojo helped ;-) I put it into muffin cups and freeze into meal size portions.


  1. Hi Karma, Hi Mojo! :D

    They are both adorable.
    Do they speak? or do they have any videos?
    They're so cutee. :)

  2. Karma is just a baby only 4 months old, so no talking yet. Mojo is 14 months old and says "hello, "Tickle, tickle", "peek-a-boo", "pretty bird" and just recently we've been working on "karma". I don't have any videos of him talking (will have to work on that)but I do have one of him just walking around his cage when we first brought him home